Welcoming Lady Shiva

a pretty sunset on the way home

Hurray we picked her up this past Sunday – 21 November 2021! 🙂

Okay I’ll admit… I don’t really have all the details for her – Rebes does – but she is such a sweet Nigerian Dwarf goat. I’m still learning about goats so that’s the best I can do to describe her (for now!). I hope we can post pictures soon, though!

We met with a breeder near Lavonia, Georgia, to pick her up. She said she was downsizing her herd and we definitely had room for this sweet Lady. In the process of bringing her home, we learned the (somewhat) hard way that some pens are better than others for transporting small goats. In our case, we had a plain metal pen but – as we learned – those won’t exactly keep all the pee-pee inside. T_T.

Naturally there was a bit of a mess as we traveled down the road. Ah well… we had fun making pee-pee jokes (at least I did since it was Rebe’s Jeep XD). Needless to say, we are both happy to have her home for more reasons than we could have ever originally imagined!