Tried milking today!

Left was today – a new record for us!
Right was yesterday (a little foamy from shaking)

Welp today was my first time trying to milk Lady. She is a Nigerian Dwarf and such a sweet girl. Rebes has gotten quite good and coached me through the motions, but I think the first of my many (tiny) squirts yielded about as much as a mosquito sneeze. Every now and then, though, I’d do something just right and feel the teet fill with milk and was able to get a decent squirt or so out.

Meanwhile that sweet girl was up on her stand just munching away at her grains. I’m not sure what all Rebes mixes in there. I think alfalfa pellets and some other things. It’s neat to put em in the bucket and see Lady hop right up on the stand without further prompting. Then there is a little head “trap” that keeps her from running off. I’ll have to take a picture of it sometime because it sounds more intense than what it is. The whole time she is up there Lady seems just as happy to be munching as we are to be milking.

Today was the most we’ve gotten so far. Rebes attributes it to our (her) improved ability to milk but she says Lady could actually be producing more that we aren’t getting yet. Either way, the milk itself is so yummy and I’m happy to be apart of this journey together.