Dreamland Dairy Goats started out as Rebe’s pursuit of passion – she loves Nigerian Dwarf goats! So when I (Allen) came into the picture, I had never really considered having goats as a pet much less a source of yummy dairy goodies. It didn’t take long, though, for her passion to spark my intrigue and eventual love of this gentle and beautiful breed.

Our herd started out with several unregistered goats, and then – as we gained confidence – we began acquiring registered goats. Now, the focus is on improving the genetics of our registered dairy goat herd as well as raising family-friendly, bottle-babies that we sell as pets.

We process the milk our goats produce into a variety of homemade dairy products that we use on our own homestead. It’s really amazing at all the things you can make and its something we are proud to provide for our growing family! <3

Getting Started

Tiger-lily (a.k.a. Lily), Pixie, Tinker Bell

Baby Jack

Anna, Elsa, Olaf

Registered Goats

Lady Shiva